About Us

We cut out the middle man, to bring you the best value, brilliant quality, low cost Smart TVs & PC Monitors.

40 Years Experience

We have extensive experience of the consumer electronics industry and have pioneered to bring innovative, high quality consumer products at low, low prices. Our business model is simple. We cut out the middle man, keep our overheads low and apply stringent quality control to the products we source. The result? The best quality, lowest price electronic products available on the marketplace today. 

Uncompromising quality. Low, low prices. Available online and at a pop-up event near you.

We’re Expanding

We’re growing! People love our no-nonsence, low cost business model and the great value products we supply. We have recently opened new warehousing facilities in the UK and a new manufacturing and warehousing facility in China and India. This ensures an efficient and high quality supply chain for all the products we supply. 

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